August 2022

Building a Deeper Knowledge (Ephesians 3)

Building a New Society (Ephesians 2)

Building Your New Identity (Ephesians 1)

Who are you? It’s a question we all wrestle with at some point in life. We often base our identity on what other people think or past experiences. But these fake ID’s aren’t who we are. In this first message in our Foundations series, we unpack Ephesians 1. And we learn who we are in Christ, and why God blessed us with every spiritual blessing.

Lean Back, Kick Forward

Do you remember swinging on the swingset as a kid? As we start this new season in Seymour Christian’s story, new Lead Pastor, Steven Bruce, encourages us to lean back into the truth of God’s Word and kick forward to reach this community with the message of Christ. We also share in Communion, which serves as a weekly reminder to lean back into His love and kick forward with anctipation of His coming again.

Sermons at SCC