Welcome to Seymour Christian Student Ministry where we are committed to helping students discover that their identity and purpose is found in Jesus. At  (re-branding in process), we work to create an environment that is welcoming, and provides the space for growth, learning, serving, and seeking the Lord. We are committed to developing personal relationships that are Christ-focused. We believe that Jesus is the One True King and we work to bridge the gap between the lost and broken and the found. We believe that through the power of Jesus, we will change lives in students in Seymour, IN, one student at a time.

We invite all Students grades 6-12 to join us on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. 

Wednesday evenings: There is a meal provided at 5, with Bible study following at 6. Wednesday nights provide us with the opportunity to fellowship with one another and grow as a youth group. We dive deep and study God’s Word and the promises that He declares over our lives and how we as followers of Jesus can apply it to our lives. We participate in small groups, where we develop personal relationships with leaders, and our peers. Small groups create the space for difficult questions, deep conversations about our faith, and guidance and discipleship.

Sunday Evenings: 6:00-8:00 

Sunday evenings we have 812! 812 is a relaxed and fun environment where we seek to find God through the fun things in life. It is a time for fun, food, and fellowship, but leaves space to also seek God and His Word. This is a time for us to develop relationships with one another and to grow as individuals and a body of believers.

Sunday mornings, SCC has two worship services at 8:30 and 10:45. We encourage the students to worship in one service and serve in a ministry area the other. (Please contact Keia Blair at Keia.seymourchristian.comto find opportunities to serve)


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